Windy Warner
ProCoach, Inc.,
Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-987-4212

"I work on the basics, focus on strategy, and improve self-
management and leadership skills in
Business and in Life."

Coaching Results

"Clearly there has been a surge of interest in executive coaches in the past few years. Indeed some fast-trackers think it's essential to have an executive coach who can help iron out their interpersonal kinks on the way up the corporate ladder."

Dean McFarlin, Professor of Management
University of Dayton, School of Business Administration.

"I hired Windy when I felt overwhelmed and overworked. Windy was very skilled at helping me identify specific problems, prioritizing a plan of action to address the issues, and providing a supportive environment in which to discuss the emotional issues associated with my situation. Windy is a real life saver! I won't hesitate to call on her again, and I urge anyone who is thinking about hiring a Coach, to work with Windy. You'll be so happy you did!!!"

Jon Ellen Snyder, Real Estate Agent

"I've always been a skeptic about something one would consider as having an intangible effect. After all, people are coached through sports and other aspects of their lives, but one usually attaches some concrete measure to those things. However, I must say that after giving professional coaching a try with Windy, the results have made a large difference in the way I interact and operate within our company.

After a few months of coaching with Windy, I have renewed enthusiasm for my company and my work. Part coach, part consultant, part task-master, she is helping me extricate myself from the details so I can do what I enjoy and what provides the most return to the company — business and technology development. She is sharp, fun, and tough — which is exactly what I need."

Clift Briscoe, Technology Officer/Co-Founder, Edge Technologies, Inc.

"Working with Windy has enabled me to develop a greater ability to view situations from many perspectives. This has lead to more effective and productive relationships with people at all levels of my organization, not to mention less tension and frustration. Our discussions have also led me to project a stronger, more confident executive image. Instead of reacting hastily to situations, I use the framework that Windy has laid out for me to fully understand the predicament and craft a much better response than I would have in the past. Her work with me has already proved to be invaluable. She is supportive, warm and personable, yet she is strong enough to push hard to work through tough issues. I have enjoyed our work together and recommend her highly."

Marc Saffer, SVP/CIO, The Columbia House Company

"I have gotten a lot of value just by having you to bounce things off of, knowing you provide an objective point of view. You have opened doors by making me look at things differently. I have also learned to be more professional and rational and how to make the things I want happen."

J. Shriver, Advertising Executive

"The most valuable thing I have gained from our relationship is the introspection I have accomplished in working with you. You listen and, most of all, allow me to vent and bounce ideas around without judging me."

J. Boisseau, President/CEO, Priority Inc.

"Thank you for the perspective that was missing. I know it would still be missing if you had not been there. Your support and assistance was there for me at a critical time and it has made a huge difference in the outcome."

R. Trotter, Private Investigator

"Since beginning my work with Windy six months ago, I have gotten promoted, enrolled in an MBA program, and made significant improvements in my sales attainment."

John Harmon, Sales Representative, IBM Corp.